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Management of public lighting of City Liberec was handed over to Technické služby města Liberce a.s.

Published: 5. 11. 2013

ELMOS LIBEREC s.r.o. + Statutární město Liberec + Technické služby města Liberce a.s.

Since the beginning of May 2013 ELMOS LIBEREC s.r.o. was responsible for management of public lighting, ceremony lighting and signalling equipment for City Liberec. This happened after City of Liberec terminated the contract with the former administrator Eltodo-Citelum s.r.o. The case is by the court in Liberec.
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Public lighting of the City of Liberec under the management of ELMOS

Published: 27. 6. 2013

liberec-znak-150ELMOS LIBEREC s.r.o. began to provide the management of public and ceremony lighting in early May 2013. The service also includes taking care of signaling equipment for the City Liberec.

The City of Liberec terminated the contract with the former provider Eltodo-Citelum in May last year and intended to take over the management of lighting in January. According to the city lawyer Martin Heřmánek the reason for the termination was repeated breach of contract by the company Eltodo-Citelum in the two years before (2011-2012).
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Flood assistance 2013

Published: 9. 6. 2013

ELMOS LIBEREC s.r.o. offers assistance to individuals and businesses affected by the floods. The assistance consists of visit of the technician who is entirely able to analyze the situation and
damage caused. The technician provides the necessary assistance to putting the electrical system into operation again. This service is for FREE.

The company feels the necessity to help people in difficult times and it realizes that even such a minor help represents an unimaginable relief for the affected individuals and businesses.

We believe that the re-commissioning of electrical power is one of the first steps for affected people to return back to civilization.

New web sites

Published: 25. 2. 2013

wwwWe have just launched our new website.
We hope you will like it. At the same time we apologize for deficiencies.
We’ll try to eliminate them in the shortest time possible.