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Public lighting of the City of Liberec under the management of ELMOS

Published: 27. 6. 2013

liberec-znak-150ELMOS LIBEREC s.r.o. began to provide the management of public and ceremony lighting in early May 2013. The service also includes taking care of signaling equipment for the City Liberec.

The City of Liberec terminated the contract with the former provider Eltodo-Citelum in May last year and intended to take over the management of lighting in January. According to the city lawyer Martin Heřmánek the reason for the termination was repeated breach of contract by the company Eltodo-Citelum in the two years before (2011-2012).

Eltodo-Citelum does not agree with terminating the contractual relationship and asks the court for a statement that the termination of the contract is not valid. Eltodo-Citelum intended with this preliminary measures further maintenance of public lighting and signaling devices until the final verdict of the court. The district court granted Eltodo, but county court canceled the provisional measurement and is waiting for the next verdict of the court.

ELMOS LIBEREC s.r.o. provides currently a comprehensive management of public lighting in Liberec since the beginning of May. The company was engaged with the exchange of
traffic lights at the intersection Jablonecká and Na Bídě. Providing comprehensive service support includes reliable process in public lighting areas, important buildings and light-signaling devices, including necessary service, maintenance and repairs. More information about complex service solution is available under Services: Public lighting.

The latest article which summarizes the overall situation concerning public lighting issues in Liberec was published on 25th June 2013 on www.libereckadrbna.cz.

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