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Construction operation and isolated excavation

Construction operation and isolated excavation Liberec

We provide the following building work, including adjustment and removal. Our staff has a long term professional experience.

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  • Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines

    • Construction of above-ground and underground lines including substations
    • Laying optical cable line (HDPE jackets)
      • For information transfer
      • Telecommunication lines
      • For data transmission
    • Drainage and surface works
  • Construction, foundation and open work for access roads

    • Construction work for streets and roads
      • Construction of parking areas
      • Repair and maintenance of roads
      • Surface hardening
      • Working with gravel sand
    • Various surface works
      • Paving and asphalting
      • Verge maintenance
      • Levelling and surface hardening
      • Construction of pedestrian malls
      • Assembly and installation of crash barriers
      • Assembly and installation of traffic signs
      • Assembly and installation of street furniture/equipment
  • Earthmoving and excavation work

    • Trenching
    • Overburden soil
    • Earthworks
    • Earthmoving
    • Landscaping
      • Green spaces, parks and gardens
      • Sports grounds and recreational areas
      • Trenching on roads and highways
  • Surface levelling for recreational facilities

    • Flatwork for parks, gardens, zoo, children’s playgrounds
    • Repair work on recreational facilities
  • Construction of fences and barrier

    • Metal
      • Steel posts and wire mesh
      • Corrugated iron fence
      • Cast iron fence
    • Stone fence
    • Concrete fence
      • Decorative precast concrete
    • According to special features
      • Electric fence
  • Production of atypical doors and gates

    • Frame made of hollow sections
    • Fill mesh, welded mesh, fence panel, JAKL etc.
    • Finishing using galvanizing and powder coating

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