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Rental of construction equipment

Rental of construction equipment

We rent minor and high mechanization for performing construction work. Rental is possible only with trained personnel.

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High mechanization

Price Transport
Skid-steer loader

  • Cat 242B2, Cat 236B, Cat K32
  • Accessories: Tree spade/ quick spade, digging equipment, pallet fork
620,-/Nh 32,-/km

  • Praga V3S/ČKD-AD080 (Max. capacity: 8 t) *Transport up to 10 km from Liberec 390,-
760,-/Nh 32,-/km
Assembly platform

  • Avia MP13-1 (Max. height: 13 m)
  • Avia D75-L MP20




Dump trucks 1 or 3 axle power unit

  • Tatra T815-2 (Max. weight:, freight space: 4,3 x 2,3 m)
  • Praga V3S-S (Max. weight:, freight space: 3,2 x 2,2 m)




Transportation vehicles

  • Nissan Atleon – platform lorry (Max. weight: 3 t, freight space: 5,2 x 2,1 m)
380,-/Nh 24,-/km
Compressors including accessories

  • ATMOS PDV 15.1 (Performance: 13,4 kW, operating pressure: 7 bar)
  • Phoenix Zeppelin PZ20/B (Performance: 19,7 kW, operating pressure: 7 bar)
  • CompAir Z20C (Performance: 15,5 kW, operating pressure: 8 bar)
430,-/Nh 32,-/km
Mobile generator (Performance: 35kW) 980,-/Nh 32,-/km

  • Zetor 7011 + winding system
  • Zetor 6340
500,-/Nh 32,-/km

* Contract prices without VAT.

Minor mechanization and hand tools

Price Transport
Vibratory rammers, plates, cylinders 400,-/Nh 22,-/km
Cutting machines – asphalt, concrete 90,-/m 22,-/km
Sewage pumps 400,-/Nh 22,-/km
Demolition, drilling and demolition hammers

  • Drilling holes o max. diameter: 50 mm, max. length: 1 m
400,-/Nh 22,-/km

* Contract prices without VAT

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