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Wiring and electrical equipment, revisions

Elektromontáže a elektroinstalace Liberec

We provide complex and professional services. The main activity of the company is assembly, installation, maintenance, repairs, revisions and quality controls of cabling and electric appliance WITHOUT VOLTAGE LIMITATION.

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  • Assembly and installation of high voltage „power current“

    • Complex cable connections of low voltage and high voltage WITHOUT VOLTAGE LIMITATION.
    • Relocation and installation of all outdoor cable lines WITHOUT VOLTAGE LIMITATION.
    • Construction, maintenance, inspection and maintenance of transformer substations and distributing substations
    • Revision of electrical equipment WITHOUT VOLTAGE LIMITATION
  • Assembly and installation of low voltage „weak current“

    • Industrial and domestic wiring
    • Electrical fire alarm systems produced by ESSER
    • Emergency Sound Systems, called „evacuation radio“ produced by ESSER
    • Relocation and installation of all outdoor low voltage cable lines
    • Entrance gates and barriers
      • Self-supporting sliding, taxiway gates
      • Two wing gates opening inwards and outwards
      • Fully automatic control unit
      • Separate drives including automatics
    • Revision of electrical equipment WITHOUT VOLTAGE LIMITATION
  • Lightning conductor

    • Measuring the quality of existing earthing system
    • Assembly and repairs of lightning conductors using modern elements according to current norms
    • Classical and active conductors made of galvanized steel, copper and aluminum.
    • Initial and periodical revisions of lightning conductors.
  • Technical property management

    • Complex repairs, maintenance and periodic inspection of technical wiring and equipment according to the current standards and norms
    • Administrative management of buildings and premises – processing, management and archiving of relevant technical and operational documentation
    • Legislative supervision and training of fire protection and health and safety
    • Engineering and consulting for planning and repairs of real estate
    • Nonstop 24h emergency services
  • Price calculation – example

  • Title Description Price (excl. VAT)
    Complex assembly of electric meter pillars ER212/NKP7P inclusive outlet for construction, revision and registration by ČEZ today from 9.500,- CZK
    Connection of output T connectors RSTI (1xset) in transformer field inclusive material from 14.200,- CZK
    Connecting input terminals POLT (1xset) in measuring field inclusive material today from 6.200,- CZK
    Revision of transformer Securing manipulation of ČEZ (establishment of a voltage-free state in the transformer), maintenance of transformer pro (cleaning the transformer, filling the oil in transformer and oil diagnostics, control and tightening joints, cleaning the isolators and collectors of high voltage, revision today from 18.500,- CZK

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